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Home built by Jay Nelson on Kauai, Hawaii.

For more about Jay’s work, check out this short film.

Contributed by Jess Bianchi.

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Rambla House is a minimalist paradise located in Zapallar City, along the central coast of Chile. The interior is littered with wooden features and concrete beams, while the pool terrace offers a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.

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The “Seelenkiste" cabin concept by Bauhaus-University Professor Michael Loudon.

Via Joan Childs.

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Jump is a minimalist and compact charging cable and battery combo made for your iPhone. Once Jump picks up that your iPhone is fully charged, power is redirected to Jump’s two internal batteries which store an additional 30% of juice for those unexpected moments. Jump might possibly be one of the sexiest charging cable/battery combos I’ve seen.

You can purchase Jump from Native Union.

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Barcelona designer Estel Alcaraz created Sardines, a minimalist rain boot based on the Catalan expression “estem com sardines" which means to be squashed like sardines in a tin. The boots are made using recyclable TPU and feature an elasticated strap that keep the boots folded to a fifth of its original size.

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Backpack is an adjustable lightweight storage solution by german label fifti-fifti.

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Mirage House Features An Infinity Pool As Its Roof

Mirage House is a single-level residence located in Tinos Island, Greece. The house has a brimless infinity pool as its roof.

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Car Park House by Anonymous is a two-storey house located in central Los Angeles. A bridge atop the house connecting the carport to the hillside provides the only access to the house.

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